JaKKed Product Partners

Graph Glass

You protect your phone why not protect your electronics? 

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SixGill Fishing Products

High Quality Bass fishing rods and reels. From the economy gear to high end technique specific gear to target bass around the world! 

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Crank Wraps

Creating a realistic look to your new or old crankbaits, top waters and spoons! Applies in seconds and tough as nails! 

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K9 Fishing Line

The reviews were extremely positive. So here we are … K9 Fluoro is now on the market. Offered in varied sized spools, and priced below most other lines on a yard for yard basis. 

Use code K9 for 15% off 

Livingston Lures

Every Livingston lure features the sounds of baitfish, Electronic Baitfish Sounds, on an internal circuit board placed inside a sound chamber. Get the awesome new baits to have you setting the hook all day. 

Use the link below then show us your receipt of over $50 and receive a $15 gift card from JaKKed Baits

Enigma Rods

If you want a better fishing rod at a reasonable price, we have that! 

BioSpawn Lures

BioSpawn creates artificial life-forms with attributes that stimulate predators to strike.